Cord Construction Ltd is a building contractor specialising in high-end bespoke projects

Cord Construction Ltd is a specialist building contractor operating in Central London.

The Cord team is a group of passionate people with an abundance of knowledge and expertise in the construction industry, both on prime and super-prime residential and commercial projects. Our specialties include facade restoration, listed building restoration, bespoke interior finishes, and complex basement construction.

While each project will have its own characteristics and demands, our high standard of quality and commitment to our client's requirements is always at the forefront.

We pride ourselves on materialising the unique aspirations of our clients. Cord maintains open communication between client and contractor throughout the project, assisting them through the entire build process. Cord develops a plan that meets both the client's wishes and their budget.

A collaborative project requires flexibility and adaptability - two of Cord's strong suits.

Our unique and helpful approach has resulted in most of our work being repeat custom or by client recommendation.